What kind of solar products do you deal with it?

We deal with solar power products which helps in generating electricity & saving your power bills . We do not deal with solar water heaters.

What are your Products?

Our products are off grid / Hybrid systems , solar power systems , Tie grid / On grid power systems , solar pumping systems, Solar upgrade to existing inverters and many more customized solutions based on the requirement of the customer. We are strong in custom design solutions and also lift power back up systems for buildings & apartments.

Tell me more about your Company?

Our company is established in 2013 and partnered with India’s Largest OEMs to provide you onsite service and stage art technological products which have lot of protection systems and which makes our products robust and failure free. We cater to Apartments to give power back up for lifts & common areas as well as flat loads by both solar & non solar. We also provide petrol pump solutions swapping the generator’s utilization . we also power off grid solutions where huge resorts are with out electric connection. We are also in Roof top to mega watt scale of operations (Both CAPEX, OPEX & RESCO models). We are MNRE Channel Partners

Do you have a Service team?

All our products comes with warranty with onsite as well as off site . We have a dedicated team of professionals supported by back to back service from the OEMs. We undertake AMC contracts as well as PV design & Solutions for un-executed or failure Solar projects.

What is the delivery time for your product?

Post payment of advance 3-4 weeks

What are your payment terms?

30% advance at the time of order booking & balance 70% before the dispatch of the product.


Whether your solar products work for Bangalore weather since its cool most of the time.?

The solar products / PV power solutions require only light & not heat. Therefore irrespective of the temperature if there is a shadow free area & cloud free sun , it generates good amount of electricity.

What is the cost of your Solar System?

Our Solar Systems for basic lighting starts from as low as Rs. 60000 and non solar systems as low as Rs. 15000 with complimentary lighting solutions.

Do we get any subsidies?

It depends on state to state. Example, Karnataka govt does not have any subsidy on solar where as Andhra & Telangana GOVTs do have.

What are the benefits of going Solar?

  • Accelerated depreciation benefit.
  • Additional floor on the roof top is permitted by the Karnataka Govt. which means any body planning to go for solar if they have constructed floors to the capacity / full extent of municipal approval, they can add on one more temporary floor for the purpose of installing Solar panels. This floor or any deviations in the building will not be demolished by the municipal authorities as an incentive to the investor.
  • Return on Investment ( ROI) will be just 4 years, post which the electricity generated through solar will be free of cost.
  • You can avail solar products as Home extension loan with priority lending rate of home loan.

What is the area required for Solar rooftop ( 1KW)?

100 sq feet for 1 KW panel ( 10 * 10 ) Sq.feet

What is the generation per KW?

1 KW panel will generate 4 to 5 units of power in a day , 4 being minimum . Per month the generation will be 120 – 150 kilo watt hours/units . Based on the power bill units consumption you can know the capacity required. This multiplied by 100 gives you the Area required for your solar power plant. Your connected load in the electricity bill will define the maximum capacity of solar plant you can install.

What if I have a slanted roof top / tiles / inclined shed?

Our engineers team will study your roof top & will give you the structural solution.

Does your solar roof top prices include Installation and structure cost?

No , the installation & structure cost would be extra. However, if standard structures are used the pricing can be included in the package.

Do I need to take any approval from the govt for solar roof top?

Yes, if it is Tie grid / Net metering system .

Do I get batteries in Net metering / Tie grid systems?

No, Tie grid systems comes with out batteries unless otherwise few models which are approved by BESCOM which are expensive comes with batteries and these models are called hybrid models.

What are hybrid systems and do you deal with it ? And where is it used?

Inverter with batteries and solar panels is a Hybrid system . Yes we do deal with it. It is used in all areas where electricity back up is required & where power cuts are involved.

How many batteries & panels are required for a small home with 2 BHK solar Roof Top?

It depends if the customer wants total back up or partial back up or to be used only during power cutsFor just as backup for power cuts to cover the basic light and fan needs , one battery and one panel of higher capacity panel can be sufficient

ELOS (Emergency Lift Operating System)

What is ELOS ? why is it required?

ELOS is Emergency lift Operating system. It avoids the usage of generator.

Salient Features

  • Auto Rescue Device (ARD) Inbuild
  • Automatic Change Over
  • Altering System – Beep Alert for Fault
  • Pure Sine Wave
  • High & Low Voltage Correction
  • Overload Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Works even when two phases are down

What are the advantages of ELOS?

  • Avoids diesel bills
  • No Sound & NO Pollution
  • No additional place required

When is battery used?

When you have frequent power cuts where power is more important than power bills , then we opt for hybrid systems.

What is the time lag for change over?

It is in milliseconds, not visible to humans